The research of a human psyche, its disease and treatment deal the psychology and psychiatry. Psychological therapies are attended growing number of patients, as evidenced by statistics, more and more people in the world suffers because of mental health problems among most often diagnosed diseases include:

Depressive disorders are a complex of factors affecting the low mood, patients suffering from depression most often feel sadness, dejection, inability to experience the pleasures known as anhedonia, pessimism, have a sense of guilt and lowered self-esteem, often in the case of depression, there are also thoughts of suicide.

Depression is a disease that manifests itself not only mental but also in physical disorders such as eating disorders, sleep disorders, or slowness of movement of the body, may also cause decreased sexual drive.

Patients with depression are more often subjected to psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment by using antidepressants.


Panic disorder
Panic disorder is nothing else but panic attacks also called fear attacks. It is one of anxiety disorders, for that characteristic feature is experiencing repeated attacks of panic anxiety, the patients are not able to define what happened to cause such a state.

The patients with panic disorder is said if panic attacks occur several times a month, there are no factors that could cause justified sense of danger. Panic disorder is to himself that occurs episodically, and so are also in moments in which the patient is free from symptoms of panic.

Anxiety drive also in doing physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, breathlessness, palpitations, trembling, sweating, dry mouth, nausea, feeling of the paralysis of the body, a sense of unreality surrounding world, or loss of sense of the reality of itself.

Treatment of the disorder is carried out by means of psychotherapy, where the essential element is the psychoeducation ,or show the patient the mechanisms of action of fear, and pharmacological.


Social phobia
Social phobia is also called social neurosis or social anxiety disorder. It is one of embodiment of anxiety disorders, for which the characteristic feature is a feeling of fear of social situations. This applies equally to all such situations, or only some of them. Fear is primarily concerned with communicating with other people, this is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health problems. A social phobia is said that it is a disease of civilization.


Among the behaviors that can be observed in people suffering from these disorders they are among others: the avoidance of public speaking, avoid eating and drinking in public places, avoiding conversation, lead a reclusive life and are unable to work in a situation where someone was watching them.

Somatic symptoms occurring in patients when they are forced to social contacts is faster breathing, reddening, muscle trembling, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, dizziness, lacrimation, tinnitus and disorders of speech.
In the treatment of social phobia used pharmacological and behavioral –cognitive psychotherapy.


In medicine stress is a disorder of the system proper functioning of the body caused by physical, psychological, physiological or anatomical factors.

In its very essence, stress is not a negative phenomenon, its appearance enables the unit to adapt to the new situation, it was the advent of stress in an enhanced form, or chronic stress or long-term has devastating effects for the body and mind in this context can be considered as a disorder.


Stress is generally considered to be the cause of the disorders and mental disorders such as a neurosis or anxiety than the disorder itself. Stress can also cause a variety of diseases and disorders in bodily functions such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, heart disease, neurological diseases, diseases associated with the digestive system and others.

A serious disorder is a chronic stress, which is characterized by a constant tension that can not be discharged, even at the weekend or during a course, which in theory should be relaxed to the patient, but in reality it remains at all times under the influence of stress.

Treatment takes place excessive stress on therapy sessions in which the patient learns the methods of coping with stress.


Generalized anxiety syndrome
Generalized anxiety syndrome is one of anxiety disorder characterized by persistent anxiety, the cause of which can not be defined. In the case of this disorder often happens that patients react to increased anxiety, to situations which objectively should not induce in them such reactions.


Symptoms of this type of behavior disorders are commonly referred to as "doom or constant concern about if the patient will be able to cope with everyday life, and meet the demands of the job, whether it will be safe. Referring to such concerns, patients take actions aiming at minimize the bad consequences of failure, may eg. repeatedly ask the family for information if it is safe, or in extreme cases, prepare shelters in case of war or nuclear attack.

The treatment is mainly used the psychotherapy, in the case of particularly difficult also the pharmacology.