The smile of a movie star

Beautiful, equal white teeth that often we see in movie stars tend to be the object of desire of many people order to be able boast of such a smile should primarily take care of healthy teeth that allow various fields of dentistry including  among others:

Conservative dentistry

Generally speaking the conservative dentistry deals with the prevention of caries and treatment of the cavities arising from the infected tooth. Specialized department of conservative dentistry there is endodontics, that deals with the treatment of root canal, that there is recommended for very large cavities caused by tooth decay, if there is found necrosis of the pulp and in the case breakage or dislocation of the tooth, where the orthodontists recommend endodontic before there will be established bridge or crown.


Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a section of dentistry dealing with surgical treatment of the mouth and areas close to this places. Dental surgery
Dental surgery is a section of dentistry dealing with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and tissues. The doctors performing the surgery must have a surgical preparation, it is next to one of the two orthodontic specialization in dentistry obtained in Poland, and accepted by all the countries of the European Union. Among the most common dental surgical procedures include:

- Surgical removal of teeth
- Uncovering of retained teeth
- Surgical preparation for the treatment of oral prosthetic
- Treatments in dental implant prosthetics
- Treatment from periodontal surgery
- Treatments on maxillary sinus
- Orthopedic treatment of fractures of the teeth,
- Orthopedic therapy of fractures alveolar
- Orthopedic therapy of fractures the maxilla and mandible.



Orthodontics, called as maxillary orthopedics is a section of dentistry dealing with the repair of malocclusion and defects of maxillo - facial in children and adults. One of the tasks of orthodontics is to ensure of appropriate relations of interdental and repair of the proportion of the lower and middle part of the face. Orthodontics is the second of dental specialization, the realization of which in Poland is equivalent to having this type of rights throughout the European Union. Orthodontic treatment has few steps:
1. Consultations on which are established arrangements for treatment,
2. Imposition of braces,
3. Inspection visits once every 4 - 6 weeks
4. Picture of camera
5. Retention treatment, ensuring the maintenance of the effects.



Prosthetics is a section of dentistry that its area covers a wide range of activities. In the first and primary importance dental prosthetics involved in reconstruction after tooth loss or theirs damage.

Another area related to dental prosthetics is also the rehabilitation of patients after cancer surgery and plastic in which are used in prosthetic of surgical and prosthetic of nose or ear.

Among the prostheses, there are two types theirs removable dentures, that can be removed from the mouth and permanent prosthetic, that can not be removed.




Implantology and basically implantoprosthetics is a section of dentistry dealing with the reconstruction of dentition after the loss of teeth, with the help of implants. Thus it is possible reconstruction of teeth that look aesthetically and often can not be distinguished from the natural teeth. Using this method it is possible to rebuild both the lack of a single and complete dentition. Dental implants are made of titanium and placed in the holes that are drilled in the jaw, then they must be overgrown by a bone, then placed on their crown gears. Implant surgery is performed under local anesthesia.